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Founder of Fàlki Knives

Stephan Diercks discovered his passion for knives and crafts in his childhood. In 2017, he started making knives, taking inspiration from old skateboards and giving birth to knife upcycling.

Since then, he has perfected his craftsmanship and produces unique knives, designing not only the blades but also the handles himself. With Falki Knives he has created a brand that stands for quality and sustainability and has redefined the world of knife making.

Tasks: Knife making & woodwork, design & quality

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Founder of Fàlki Knives

In 2022, Fabian Ehrig joined Falki Knives and brought a breath of fresh air to the team. He supports Stephan Diercks in knife production and specializes in the production of knife handles, cutting boards and knife blocks. As a trained master roofer, he has extensive knowledge of materials and their processing.

Fabian Ehrig has enriched the Falki Knives team with his craftsmanship expertise and contributes to producing high-quality products that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. His experience in working with different materials is a valuable contribution to the quality and variety of Falki Knives products.

Tasks: Knife making & woodwork, design & quality

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Founder of Fàlki Knives

In 2022, Jack Schwartz joined the Falki Knives team, bringing with him a wide range of skills and experience. His expertise lies primarily in sales and sales. But Jack doesn't just help bring Falki Knives products to men and women - he has also taken on an important role in other areas of the company.

Jack not only takes care of purchasing materials and resources, but is also responsible for the company's social media area. Here he ensures a strong presence on social media and helps to make the Falki Knives brand better known.

Tasks: Sales & Sales, Social Media & Design

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Founder of Fàlki Knives

In 2022, Marcel Meyer enriched the Falki Knives team with his valuable experience from his freelance work. As a trained businessman, he brings sound business expertise to the company and takes care of essential aspects that are of great importance to the company.

Marcel has taken the helm in several key areas of the company. His responsibilities include selling and shipping products, ensuring customers receive their orders on time and in perfect condition. He also takes care of web design and social media, which helps strengthen Falki Knives' online presence and brand awareness.

Responsibilities: Sales, social media & web design

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